no toads



  • Public Shuffle Ended, 517 Frawgs burned.
  • 1,000A donated to Team AlgoGator of
  • Swamp Team NFT Vault Founded

The community frawg fund

20% of all primary sales will be taken and pooled into a Community Frawg Fund, the fund will be held in various Algorand Assets, and NFTs.

The fund will be utilized at periodic intervals to support fellow Algorand NFT / Small Team Development Projects. Assets and NFTs will be used in giveaways or as leverage to increase the holdings of The Swamp Team Community Wallet.

Each Frawg will represent one entry in any community giveaways.

20% of all primary sales to the frawg fund

20% of all Primary and Secondary Sales are pooled into The Swamp Team Community Wallet.

love for love

We understand how tight-knit and niche the Algorand Community & Ecosystem is, the Frawg Fund is our way of supporting our Algorand Family as we all learn and grow.

The Swamp monster

The Swamp Monster is the name we’ve given the fund we wish to use for buy-backs and burns. The Swamp monster will awaken at random intervals and eat wild Frawgs. (Secondary listings starting at the lowest floor price).

Eaten Frawgs are digested (burned), and when they return they look different. (evolved)

The Swamp Monster is not announced until after the feeding has commenced, for obvious reasons.

6.5% of all primary sales to the monster

6.5% of all primary sales go the swamp monster, 10% of all secondary royalties go the monster.

there will always be 1,000 frawgs

Burned Frawgs will allow for a 2nd Generation of Frawgs in the future without increasing our mint size. Don’t worry, optional evolutions will be available when the time comes.

ecological / enviromental relief fund (ERF)

This is probably the most important aspect of the project. We will be pooling 10% of all sales revenue into a pool dedicated to the ERF.

For our initial primary sales run, we want to use 50% of the initial pool for the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida’s Marine Mammal Fund, as outlined here.

10% of all sales to the fund

10% of all primary and secondary sales revenue issued to the fund.

make an impact

Let’s show the world how we roll.


not an investment opprotunity


we just like, don’t wanna break the law man

This is not an investment opportunity.
The project is developed out of passion and enthusiasm for the Algorand NFT community.
The goals and mechanisms outlined in the Frawgpaper are intended to create community engagement, not speculative interest.

Due to the ambiguity and ever changing nature regarding how NFTs usage is regulated, certain aspects of the project may have to be cancelled or changed. As a team we are committed to following through what is outlined in this Frawgpaper to the best of our abilities. The Frawgpaper is not a promise of profit or commitment, and is ever changing.

Each Frawg is ultimately a unique piece of digital art, and should be treated as such.
You should not purchase our (Non Fungible Tokens) Frawgs with the intent to derive profit from the transaction.